The Goods.

Below are a list of tools that I use, that I've had clients use and I recommend based on my own experience or observations. I have a crush on some, love others and am in awe of a few. However,  I will never recommend something that I don't fully support and if service or quality were to change, they will be removed from my list. 

PS. If you have any questions about any of the products or need support , let me know. Email me at with the subject line The Goods. Email is typically answered within 24 hours. 

**Some of these are affiliate links and some are not. Either way I fully support these companies, products, services and courses 100%. Click on the name for more information and to be redirected


Take note! see what I did there? tee hee

Take note! see what I did there? tee hee

WAVE APP. Accounting software. The thing I love most about Wave is that it's free accounting software that has premium options as you grow and scale your business. The premium services include hiring accounting professionals! You can connect your PayPal, bank and credit card accounts as well as invoice and keep track of expense accounts. It's also got great reporting capabilities. Accounting is something we all forget about until tax time or loan time. If you start organizing from the beginning you'll be in much better shape to scale up. 

INSIGHTLY. CRM. I don't think Insightly gets enough credit. It's a great CRM {Customer Relationship Manager} that's free and a really well priced paid version {$12/month if billed annually}. It integrates with Google Apps and connects to Gmail, DropBox, Evernote, MailChimp and more. 

ZIPPY COURSES. Membership sites. I think Zippy Courses is phenomenal. It makes creating a membership site in a weekend absolutely possible. A WEEKEND! {content creation takes longer of course, maybe} The thing I love about Zippy is that it's super simple and intuitive and requires little tech knowledge. {however, if you're having trouble they have a great support team and can walk you through everything}. It's a Wordpress plugin and should be hosted on a sub-domaine {this isn't as complicated as it sounds} Click HERE for a tutorial on Domaines and Sub-Domaines. It's simple to match your own branding and is just a lot less complicated then other plug-ins in the membership space.


YOU CAN BRAND. Branding + Design: Everything that Jenna Soard does I love. She teaches you from start to finish. She thinks like a first time designer so that you don't get lost before you even start. She's got the educational, professional + practical chops to help you become so good at design that people will be asking you to work on their sites! {she's got students who have actually become designers. How's that for a testimonial?}

A COURSE ABOUT COPY. write your site. Nikki Elledge Brown is just, well she's extraordinary. Check out A Course about Copy prep or sign up here for the whole shebang when doors open again. Either way, you can't go wrong. We think about content copy, but we tend to neglect the actual page copy. ACAC helps you write your site in a simple and manageable way that can literally change the way you think about your business and word-wide home.

BLUEHOST. WEB HOSTING: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bluehost! I've been using them to host WP Sites for 4 years and I've never had an issue. Their customer support is excellent and any questions I have I can call or "chat" via my desktop. I can ask them questions about design, coding, redirecting domaines, anything. I buy all my domaines through BlueHost as well.  Note: While I am moving my sites to Squarespace I will continue to use BlueHost for my membership sites and a couple of niche sites I still have up.


SQUARESPACE. Website Creation.  I know a lot of people will tell you that the only platform that matters is WordPress for creating a website. {I actually recommend WP later for another use, but we'll get to that} I am going to go ahead and politely call bullshit. Squarespace helps you create beeaaauuuutiful sites, that function, sell and create that ever elusive know, like and trust in your {potential} customers. Let's face it. WP is great but if you want something customized, you need to pay someone else or learn coding and that's just messy and soon you're feeling like Lucille Ball trying to keep up with the conveyor belt. {not cute} SS is super easy, customizable and robust enough to run your business. So, you can't use plug-ins BUT I haven't found the need for them, maybe you're different but just maybe you're not. SS is often cheaper {starting at $8/month}, easier and easily updated without fear of code confusion.




Arkon Universal Smartphone Holder and Flexible Mini Tripod for iPhone 6S Plus 6 Plus iPhone 6S 6 5S Galaxy Note 5 4 S6 S5 

I love this tripod. It's fun and flexible and I can attach it anywhere {read, on my monitor, desk, in front for overhead of me working/painting. It's super light and easy to manipulate for lots of uses. Works for videos or Periscope and a hundred applications in between.

RING LIGHT FOR iPHONE  It's not so much about the equipment, but it IS all about the lighting! You don't need fancy cameras or high tech equipment, but good lighting is essential. That can be natural lighting {the sun} or man made {electricity}. This ring light is great for taking video or photos. It casts an even soft light that will make your face glow.

MOO. BUSINESS CARDSThis may seem random but I love a good business card. Moo has some of the best and most modern design templates to choose from or you can design your own. I have really sweet gloss square cards with a different image on each {chosen from Instagram}. I am also partial to hand written Thank-You notes. Old School can be charming and you can't underestimate the power of charm.

Books + Such:

 Know Your Onions - Graphic Design: How to Think Like a Creative, Act like a Businessman and Design Like a God 
Drew de Soto

What are you made of?

Created by Cerries Mooney


*this list will continue to grow and develop.